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Louisville Headshots

If you look around at the headshots people are posting, you’ll more than likely notice that so many of them have an uncomfortable posture or a fake smile in their photo.

If you have a poor expression it could be the difference between getting the job or being put on the bottom of the pile. With our experience as a professional headshot photographer, we will capture the photo that you know will help your career skyrocket and inspire your confidence.



Schedule online quickly with the built in scheduler for your headshot session. Convenient evening and weekend appointments available.


A collaborative photo experience where I will coach you into the proper poses that best fit you.


Immediately following the session we will review all the images so you can select your favorite professional headshots.


Give the world the best first impression you can with our professional headshots! If you are looking to land a new job, change careers, launch your business, or test out the dating waters your professional headshot can give you the edge you need or it could hold you back. Headshot photography is a lot easier than you think, and you’ll see during our headshot session! 

You ARE Photogenic!

You are Photogenic! Don’t settle for a selfie because you keep telling yourself this lie. Our photographer will do the work to help keep you relaxed and direct you into the right poses for you, allowing for genuine expressions and the best photo of yourself you have ever seen during our headshot sessions.

We have been in the photography business for a long time, so we know we can make you relaxed during our photoshoot session.

Your Personal Headshot Photographer!

FEELING ANXIOUS? I know how you feel, but, you don’t need to feel anxious any longer. I will help coach you in the best poses for you for the best headshot photography session you’ve ever had! I want your new Louisville headshot to give you newfound confidence so you can go out and accomplish all your goals! Our photography headshots can create all kinds of new business for our clients.

My name is Carl Armijo and I am a professional headshot photographer. Many people have professional headshots that are not representative of who they are today. During our photography session, I will offer a collaborative headshot experience that will make you look AMAZING and PROFESSIONAL so you can show the world the real you! Our Professional Headshots can open so many doors for you or your business, so give us a call today or schedule online.

5 Star Reviews!

“He’s personable and especially helpful in providing posing direction and advice to avoid the awkwardness for most people of having photos taken of oneself!” 

Shayne S

“Love my headshot ! Carl is really easy to work with and produces a quality image that represents well! He took headshots for my office and made the experience so easy.”

Joy B

“He easily made me comfortable and at ease with him. He was personable, warm, and just a gracious photographer. “

Erica G

“Carl is as great! So kind and patient; really helps you relax and enjoy the photo shoot. My professional headshots turned out great for a reasonable price. And he knows how to elicit a genuine smile from you.”

Jean G

“Not only did Carl take photo’s that I couldn’t help but be impressed by, he also maintained an attitude of body positivity that genuinely made me feel comfortable and appreciated during the entirety of the experience.”

Nick M

“Definitely coming back for more when its time to update my marketing. Our photography session was perfect for our business. Thanks, Carl Armijo Photography!!!”

Richard G

Corporate Headshot: How To Build Trust And Credibility

 The moment you book your headshot photography session considers what you would like to convey in your portrait. This could be a powerful tool for marketing yourself professionally or perhaps you need a fresh look on LinkedIn profile. If your goal is to advance yourself professionally, a formal headshot taken in business attire will make a positive statement about you and your approach to your work.


♦   Get noticed

♦   Get more profile views

♦   Improve personal branding

♦   Land that gig you have been dreaming about!

Business Headshot

Position yourself for that next big career move, next speaking engagement or sale by positioning yourself as a subject matter expert. Let my Louisville corporate headshots provide you the credibility you need to move your business forward and gain the success you want.

On-Location Headshot

Let me bring the studio to your Louisville office for an easy convenient day of professional headshots for your staff. Updated Louisville headshots for a seamless company website, LinkedIn profiles, and internal communications will show your companies dedication to the details.

Actor Headshot

Catch the attention of casting directors with an updated modern high-quality actor headshot in Louisville. Let me help you to look your best so you can get more auditions and book more jobs. Our headshots will stylize your headshot to give it that oomph of character that only the right expressions can create.

Louisville KY Actor Headshots And So Much More

Are you a Louisville actor or actress that needs an acting headshot? At Carl Armijo Photography, we will stylize your headshot to give it that oomph of character that only the right expressions can create.

Our photographers will put you at ease. We offer soothing music to help you relax or you can bring in your own. We will help you relax so that your image is both genuine and flattering. Come with some ideas of what you want your headshot to look like but be flexible.

Sometimes, it is the interplay between you and the photographer that communicates the positive energy that is created in your headshot. Your photographer will take many headshots so that you can choose which image best conveys your spirit and the image you want to portray. Remember, this is your day and if you choose your photographer well, you will have the image that represents you best; an image that captures the very best in you that you can keep forever.

Actor Professional Headshots is The Secret To Automatically Stand Out Among Your Peers!


♦   Look your best with a professional headshot!

♦   Get more profile views

♦  Improve your personal brand

♦   Book that new role



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