4 Reasons Why a Professional Headshot Matters in Business

4 Reasons Why a Professional Headshot Matters in Business

4 Reasons Why a Professional Headshot Matters in Business

In today’s digital age, our digital identities have increasingly become integral parts of our lives, serving as self-portraits that reflect who we are, who we want to be, and how other people see us.

I’m talking about our profile picture on Facebook, Instagram, social media posts, and our avatar on professional networking sites like LinkedIn, SlideShare, etc. With our virtual presence representing us online, our personal brand online must be aligned because a poorly-presented digital identity can hamper others’ first impressions of us and negatively impact our professional connections.

Whether you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur or an employee looking for a job, having a professional photo is one of the most important things in business. Here are four reasons why:

1. The Perfect Introduction:

No matter where you are working, your professional headshot plays a critical role in establishing your first impression with your new organization.

For those in high-profile positions, it’s important to present a positive first impression as your leadership and presence will be needed to establish a lasting impression and lead the company towards success. Your avatar needs to project maturity, confidence, and individuality while representing what you are all about, what your passion is, and what you want to convey to the world. It’s important to make your preference is known, which may include subtle, crafted, groomed, or all-out image that represents you best.

For those who have an eccentric fashion sense, it’s important to be true to your brand while keeping certain aspects of your personal expression in mind.

2. Eliminating the Guesswork:

Most companies nowadays are utilizing professional networking platforms to find potential employees. With that being said, networking sites like LinkedIn are becoming more and more important for a business-to-business and business-to-consumer connection. When you’re first creating your profile, it’s critical to have a professional headshot or avatar that compliments your professional image, translates well across the web and provides a standard of comparison for your skills, experiences, and background.

Professionals who are new to the networking world may be surprised to find out that having a well-presented digital identity is just as important as your resume, business card, and cover letter. Having a picture that represents you in a positive light can be a powerful and essential tool in your professional arsenal. When employers and coworkers are looking at your profile for the first time, you want to make sure they understand your value and see the ways you can contribute to the organization you are working with.

3. It’s Your Business Card:

Today it’s common for people to skimp out on the importance of the physical business card. While traditional marketing materials are important, they aren’t always in the right hands, making a good digital avatar an essential tool of business. Your professional headshot is a reflection of your business. It helps build a personal brand and project a professional image that builds trust and value. This is extremely important during first interactions because it helps build rapport and confidence with those you are working with and connecting with. With such growing importance of digital presence, your online identity becomes an increasingly critical component of your overall presence.

4. Quality Is Everything:

In the digital space, people tend to only contact or hire those whose professional identities on social networks are high-quality, curated, or polished to perfection. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Career Builder, 70% of hiring managers and HR professionals stated that social media plays an important role in their decision-making process. That being said, careful consideration should be given to every detail when building your online presence.

A professional headshot, which features you in dynamic, professional poses, can easily elevate your personal brand and help you differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack.

In conclusion, the benefits of having a professional headshot are immense. It not only helps boost confidence, but it also gives you a competitive edge against the other professionals in the workforce. In addition, it helps employers and clients see the unique value you add to their organization. So, the next time you’re thinking about how best to advance professionally, consider investing in your professional headshot.


Where Should I Use My New Headshot?

Where Should I Use My New Headshot?

Where Should I Use My New Headshot?

People are always asking me why they need a headshot, where they can use a headshot or update my headshot. It is 2020 and in our age of the internet and connectivity there are so many different places to use headshots these days:

  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Your website
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp
  • Blogs
  • Guest posts
  • About me page
  • Your bio
  • Book jackets
  • Speaking engagements
  • Presentations
  • Advertisements
  • Billboards
  • Email signature
  • Company website
  • Company branding

The possibilities are endless! Your new headshot can be used almost anywhere you can think of. Is it time for you to update your headshot?


Checklist – Setting Up a LinkedIn Profile

Checklist – Setting Up a LinkedIn Profile

Setting Up a LinkedIn Profile

Complete each section thoroughly in your LinkedIn profile. Use this checklist to create a profile that is complete.

Profile Basics

  • Your personal information including first and last name. Don’t use keywords, nicknames or humorous references to your job here.
    • Name
    • Title
    • Location
    • Industry
    • Contact Information including an up to date email you use often.
  • Customized URL such as www. Linkedin.com/in/your-name so your LinkedIn profile is easily found.
  • Decide whether you want a basic free account or the premium account. The premium account costs a fee but has more features.
  • The headline created is captivating, professional, simple, funny, concise, creative or captures attention and includes key terms about my industry and the role I have within it.
  • Consider your target audience when creating your headline.
  • Highlight your unique value proposition.
  • List your Education, Experience, Honors/awards and Skills/Endorsements
  • It includes case studies, research papers, e-books, blogs, events organized, products, my work, the services I offer.



  • Use bullet points or paragraph form to communicate your expertise, skills, major accomplishments and awards/degrees.

For example: I am a [published writer] at [National Geographic], a [technical writer], an [engineering career consultant], [professional speaker] and a [singer]. Currently I work as a [data scientist] at [ABC group], [improving] products and services by using [skills].

Previously, I was [Senior researcher] at [place] where I analyzed market data from {company] for [purpose].

Competencies: [skill], [skill], [skill]

Specialties: [A], [B], [C]

  • Shows off your personality in some way.
  • Not worded in the third-person. Write like you talk.
  • Keep it short and concise. Write in active voice and proofread carefully.



  • Add a profile photo of you that is professional, clean and in focus. Select a headshot with a clean background whenever possible.
    • Get a professional headshot
    • Consider the background and colors you’ll wear
    • Opt for a square image that can be cropped at upload
    • Image size should be about 400px x 400px
    • File size limit is 8MB
  • Add a banner or background photo of your business, career, brand. It should be something that looks smart, is a part of your branding using your color or tone and captures attention.
    • Pay attention to how the cover photo and your profile pic work together.
    • It can be an image of you at work or represent what you do every day. It can feature a quote, be abstract, show your achievements, hobbies or adventures or a pretty picture of your location.

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Top Tips for Creating Killer Profiles on LinkedIn

Top Tips for Creating Killer Profiles on LinkedIn

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Top Tips for Creating Killer Profiles on LinkedIn

Your Profile on LinkedIn is one of the most critical aspects of your presence on the professional networking platform. To maximize the benefits of using LinkedIn to grow your business, it is essential to have an eye-catching profile that clearly represents your business in a meaningful way. Here are the top tips for creating a LinkedIn company page that will grab the attention of your audience.

Use a Professional Headshot

Your LinkedIn profile picture is the first thing people see when browsing LinkedIn. It is imperative that you make a great first impression and the best way to do this is to use a professional headshot that shows your confidence and approachability.

Choose an Eye-Catching Banner

One of the first things that most customers will see on your profile is the banner on your profile. That is why it is crucial that the banner you add to your profile page is recognizable and effectively branded. Consumers and potential customers will associate a professional-looking banner with a high-quality business that provides useful information, products, and services.

Analyze Your Wording

Two of the most significant mistakes made to an otherwise healthy LinkedIn profile are the overuse of industry catchphrases and the overuse of standard search terms. To help your page stand out from the competition, try to minimize your wordiness as much as possible. For the best results, you need to keep the wording on your page short and concise.

Include a Video

In today’s fast-paced world, customers and potential clients might not have the time to spend reading through your profile. Adding a quick 30-second video that summarizes your company and its products or services could help tremendously create an attractive and attention-grabbing LinkedIn profile.

Keep Your Profile Up-to-Date

Many people forget to ensure that their profile information is up-to-date. While this should be obvious, you need to make sure that your contact information is correct, that your company profile and industry match, and that your background information is up-to-date.

Update Your Profile

If you want to attract prospects’ attention and increase your leads, you have to remain active on LinkedIn. This means you have to provide updates about your business daily and deliver high-quality, value-added content on a regular basis. You should also try to add links to outside resources and take advantage of the blog-style news feed to communicate more efficiently with your audience.

These are just a few of the tips that you can utilize to make sure that your LinkedIn profile attracts your target audience’s attention.

Who Needs a Professional Headshot?

Who Needs a Professional Headshot?


You are probably asking yourself, why would anyone even need a professional headshot? Its 2020 and EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE carries a camera with them everywhere they go these days. You can very easily whip out your smartphone, swipe to your favorite camera app and voila, you have yourself a shiny new headshot, but is this the thing you should be doing? I believe there are a few good reasons why you should hire a professional headshot specialist for your next updated headshot. Why?

Everyone has an online presence

It’s 2020, everyone has an online presence either on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or almost any other social media place you can think of. This makes the need for a strong headshot almost imperative for professionals and job seekers. It is simply too easy for anyone to search for your name and find out a ton about you. If your profile photos are a professional headshot then the HR manager who is looking to fill that next position will notice you straight away in a sea of selfies.

Stand Out

A first impression is impossible to get back and a lot of times you are not even aware that you have already made that first impression before you meet people in real life. Our online presence is the real deal. You need to go into interviews and business meetings with your best foot forward. The last thing you need is the client or hiring manager’s first impression of you to be the unprofessional type who likes to party. This could lead them to a ton of untrue pre-conceived notions about you. A professional headshot will not only show that you are trustworthy, but it will show these people that you take your career seriously and that you mean business, that’s what they are looking for.

Earn Credibility

New Clients are always looking for someone they can trust. People do not want to do business with untrustworthy or shady people. A professional headshot gains you instant credibility. It shows potential clients that they can trust you to work professionally and that you can be taken seriously because you take yourself and your career seriously.


Is it time to update your headshot?