The Best Free Things to do in Louisville | You’ll find something FUN!

The Best Free Things to do in Louisville | You’ll find something FUN!

Free Things to do in Louisville

Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park is located adjacent to the river and there for every one of Louisville to enjoy. This non-profit park was put there to ensure that every one of Louisville would be able to enjoy the water and trails that are throughout it. Here at the park guests can dock their boats, enjoy the Lincoln memorial and picnic areas.

Location : 129 River Rd, Louisville, KY 40202

Louisville Splash Pads

Splash pads can be located in multiple parks all around Louisville. Splash pads are really helpful in the summer when it is very hot out, and you don’t have a pool. Or you can also go biking on the sidewalks near the splash parks. In that case, you should look up on your phone and search for splash grounds near me. There are many splash pads located in Louisville. You can be nearly guaranteed you have one near you.

Louisville Splash Pads

Algonquin Park (1614 Cypress Street)

Baxter Square (301 S. 12th Street)

Breslin Park (1388 Lexington Rd., 40206)

California Park (1104 S. 16th St., 40210)

Crescent Hill Park (3110 Brownsboro Rd)

Farnsley Park (3100 Wedgewood Way)

Iroquois Park (5216 New Cut Rd)

LaPorte Park (2529 Bank Street)

Long Run Park (1605 Flat Rock Rd)

Nelson Hornbeck Park (709 Fairedale Rd)

Petersburg Park (5008 Indian Trail)

Riverview Park (8202 Greenwood Rd)

Shawnee Park (4501 W Broadway)

Shelby Park (600 E. Oak Street)

Wyandotte Park (1104 Beecher Street)

Hiking at Iroquois Park

The trails at Iroquois park are such a beautiful view. The trails go on for a few hours and you can guarantee that you will be having an amazing time. Horseback riders that like to go on the trails would recommend these trails because of their amazing scenery.

Iroquois park

Iroquois Park is right off New Cut Rd between Bluegrass Ave and Park Rd

While you here, check out the scenic overlook at Iroquois Park

At Iroquois Park, there is a beautiful view of hills and trees. There is also a tulip tree that is to be believed the largest tree in all of Louisville parks. This location is one beautiful place to visit.

Kickball at Crosby Park

Crosby Park


There are many places where you can play kickball in Crosby park, due to the fact that it has many different baseball fields. This park is based around sports so there are also many different courts to choose from. They also have a building with drinking fountains for when you need a quick drink to rehydrate yourself for another game.

Crosby Park is located 11500-11708 Cedardale Rd, Louisville, KY 40223

Picnicking in Riverview Park

The park is very close to the Ohio River. This park lets you have that river feel as you are enjoying a nice picnic. They offer picnic tables for the people who don’t want to sit on the ground. Also, they have a bench swing set if you just want to eat your food while swinging and looking at the nice river.

 Riverview Park Louisville KY

Riverview Park is located at 8202 Greenwood Rd, Louisville, KY 40258

Climbing the silo at Turkey Run Park

The park is a beautiful site with wild animals roaming. You are allowed to climb to the top of the silo and look over the vast landscape. The wild animals and the 800 acres of land is one amazing view.

 Turkey Run Park Louisville KY

Turkey Run Park is right off Seatonville Rd

Garvin Brown Preserve

Garvin Brown Preserve is one of the most beautiful sites ever. With trails that go on for a while to the amazing nature trails that are child friendly. These trails can also be followed to the Ohio River with benches scattered along the way to stop for a short break. This is a great spot to get out and be one with nature.


Garvin Brown Preserve is located at 6200 Bass Rd, Prospect, KY 40059

Walking at The Joe Creason Park

The Park has a 1.5 mile paved walking path for you to enjoy. On the walk, there are two hills and a bridge that are so beautiful to look at because they go over a creek. Also, there are parts of the path that are shaded making you have a mix of both non-shaded and shaded.

Joe Creason Park is located at 1297 Trevilian Way, Louisville, KY 40213

Kids Play at Cliffside Playground

The park includes hiking trails, playgrounds, and a water splash pad. All of which children love Cliffside playground. Space there to run around is huge. The park includes picnic tables for when the family gets hungry and decides to eat. This is a great family park.

The Cliffside Playground is located at 10700 Broad Run Pkwy, Louisville, KY 40291

Tennis at Tyler Park

On the north side of the park, there are tennis courts. These tennis courts are in good condition and have older buildings/houses as the background because the park is located in the middle of an older town.

Tyler Park is three miles southeast of downtown Louisville

Kite flying at Jeffersontown Veteran’s Memorial Park

At Jeffersontown Veteran’s Memorial Park there is a vast area around 25 beautiful acres of land. This park is enjoyed by many that like to fly kites as the park has some nice wide-open spaces.

Jeffersontown Veteran’s Memorial Park is located at 10707 Taylorsville Rd, Jeffersontown, KY 40299

Fossil Hunting at Ohio State Park

There is no place in the world like it. Ohio State Park is full of fossils. It has been brought to attention that most fossils of any park were found here. This park is 1,404 acres of land and loaded with all types of different fossils.

The Ohio State Park is located 201 W Riverside Dr, Clarksville, IN 47129

The Big Four Pedestrian Bridge

The Big Four Pedestrian is giving people another amazing area for them to walk and bike. This old bridge was transformed from what it once was, a bridge for trains. This is known to be the largest expansion bridge in the US. The Big Four Pedestrian Bridge allows for great views of the Ohio Rivers and was converted into this amazing pedestrian bridge in 2014.

Big Four Pedestrian Bridge is located between Louisville and Jeffersonville

Louisville Cultural Pass

The Cultural Pass gives you access to the museums located in Louisville and many more cost worthy experiences for free. Also, This pass is amazing for the kids giving them access to fun learning experiences. In order to sign up, you need to go to your local participating library. In the past it was a paper pass, however, in recent years it has gone virtual.

For more information on FREE cultural pass visit a local library

Participating Libraries:

Louisville Free Public Library
Bullitt County Public Library
Jeffersonville Township Public Library
Charlestown-Clark County Public Library
Floyd County Library
 Harrison County Public Library 


St. Matthews Farmers Market

The farmers market is one of the most agricultural things in Louisville. They have this farmers market annually and it includes the selling of local fresh produce. It is open every Saturday from May 8-Sept 25 from 8 am to noon. It is located at 4100 Shelbyville Rd.

St. Matthews farmer’s Market is located at 4100 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40207

Story Time at Local Library

Storytime at a library is one of the best ways to get into a book but yet still not have to read. Also, one of the coolest things at storytime is the influence of reading and getting you into a story that you could relate to. This is where a book is read to the audience and is a favorite among many.

The Louisville public library is located at 301 York St, Louisville, KY 40203

Oxmoor Center Indoor Play Area

Inside of the Oxmoor Center Indoor Play Area, there are classes, play areas, and places to explore. In the play area, there are many different activities that you can do. Also, kids love this place because what it teaches is actually interesting.

The shopping center is located at 7900 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40222

Watch Candy be Made at Schimpff’s Confectionery

Watching candy being made here is one of the most amusing things for many people. This place also has an old 50’s soda fountain still in use. Bring the kids and show them a bit of history at Shcimpff’s Confectionery. The company is family-owned and always has been over the generations.

Schimpff’s Confectionery is located at 347 Spring St, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Anchorage Trail

There are many things to do on this trail. The trail includes many stops and the trail is 1 mile long. This makes your walking distance 2 miles if you decide to go back. Also, the trail allows for pets on a leash. The Anchorage Trail also includes many bridges that you walk through and enjoy.

This trail is located at 1500 Evergreen Rd, Louisville, KY 40223

We hope you found something fun to do from our list! And if you happen to be in the need for a professional headshot in Louisville, give us a call!

Why actors need a professional headshot

Why actors need a professional headshot

Why actors need a professional headshot

As an actor you want your headshots to be an extension of you. You want people to look at it and really see who you are.  They should capture your personality and energy.  Casting directors are looking for a certain look and if you have that look, you might land a job.  However, it should capture your essence and show them who you are.  You shouldn’t try to be someone that you are not on the day of a headshot. If you are not a person that wears a lot of makeup normally, then you shouldn’t on the day of your actor headshots either.

You are a one of a kind person that nobody else can be.  This should be portrayed in your headshots too.  It should look professional but not over the top.  When you walk in for an audition, the directors should immediately know that it is you.  So, if you don’t want to put all kinds of effort into your look each and every time that you are called, then you shouldn’t on the day of your headshots either.  Some people like to glam them up, however, if you don’t maintain that look every day, then that’s probably not an accurate representation of you.

As an actor, your name is your brand.  You are your brand and have complete control over how your brand is viewed.  Your headshot is a huge part of this. 

During a headshot photoshoot, you should look as natural as possible.  Your make up shouldn’t be over the top and your hair should be in a very natural way.  Save the makeup and extensions for your modeling portfolio.  You can also have your makeup professionally done for your headshot too.

Teenage actor headshots

Teenage actor headshots are no different.  You want your headshots to look natural.  Also, take into consideration what you are wearing as well.  Ensure that what you are wearing isn’t overpowering and compliments your skin tone. If you aren’t sure what to wear, get some suggestions that would go well with your look and personality type.  Try to stay away from vibrant prints and bold patterns as well as small checker patterns as they can be distracting to your face.  

Bring along a few clothing choices that can be worn throughout the headshot experience.  This will allow you to discuss with the photographer their thoughts and ideas.  After all, they see headshots day in and day out and know what looks best for them.  Leave some of this up to the professionals, including makeup.  Some, however, choose to do their own makeup, which is fine but be sure to practice the look you want ahead of time.  Remember, this is about looking as natural as possible and not glamour shots.  Keep the makeup subtle but bring attention to your favorite features.  While you might like the look of your freckles or fine lines, they will appear more prominent in headshots and should be assisted with makeup applications.  

Whether it is headshots for adults or teens, have some fun with it.  Be yourself in front of the camera and enjoy your photoshoot experience.

Makeup for professional headshots

Makeup for professional headshots

Makeup for Professional Headshots

Having a camera in your face can be rather nerve-racking. However, if you go prepared with your best face forward, you have a great chance of getting some nice headshots.  Headshots are used for a variety of reasons across many professions.  Headshots should be taken by a professional photographer that understands how to make great lighting.  You, however, have some things that you can do to prepare for your headshot session.

The day before

The day before the headshot, try to avoid alcohol or anything that has a lot of salt in it.  You don’t want your face to be dehydrated from alcohol or puffy from high sodium retaining water.  Avoiding these two things can help your skin look its very best.  You also should be downing a substantial amount of water. This will help purify your system and make your skin have a more radiant natural glow.  Drinking a large amount of water will ensure that your skin has proper hydration as well.  This helps with fine lines and wrinkles too.  

Try out some skin toners, if you don’t have one that you use regularly.  Skin toners help close off the pores and prepare the skin for makeup for your headshot.  You need to have a toner that is right for your skin type and won’t irritate the skin. Closed pores allow the makeup to sit better on the skin for a better overall look.

Makeup for your headshots

Speaking of makeup, when your skin is prepared and ready, apply makeup in natural light.  This isn’t always the routine, however, you want the makeup to be the proper skin tone for your skin.  Be sure that you take care and allow enough time for proper makeup.  While it is recommended that you use a professional makeup artist, some choose to do their own.  This is okay, however, you should take some time and practice before the big day.  Take some photos on your own and see if you like the overall look.  

When you do your make up you are going to want to do a matte finish.  This will keep you from looking sweaty in your headshots.  Also, for eye makeup, you want to stick with matte as well.  You want your makeup to look natural and not stand out in any way.  While you might not normally wear a lot of makeup, your makeup can be done in a very natural-looking way that brings out your best features.  Mascara can be used to draw attention to your eyes.  And, false lashes can be used to add a little something, however, be sure they are natural-looking and not over the top. 

Lips should continue to be matte and natural as well. Having shiny lips can look bad with the flash of a camera.  Don’t try to use bold colors but stick with something natural.  

Remember, keep your makeup simple, and don’t make your headshots look like someone that you are not.  Don’t go over the top if you are a person that normally doesn’t wear makeup.  By keeping it looking like yourself, you will earn the respect of those looking through your headshots.