Makeup for Professional Headshots

Having a camera in your face can be rather nerve-racking. However, if you go prepared with your best face forward, you have a great chance of getting some nice headshots.  Headshots are used for a variety of reasons across many professions.  Headshots should be taken by a professional photographer that understands how to make great lighting.  You, however, have some things that you can do to prepare for your headshot session.

The day before

The day before the headshot, try to avoid alcohol or anything that has a lot of salt in it.  You don’t want your face to be dehydrated from alcohol or puffy from high sodium retaining water.  Avoiding these two things can help your skin look its very best.  You also should be downing a substantial amount of water. This will help purify your system and make your skin have a more radiant natural glow.  Drinking a large amount of water will ensure that your skin has proper hydration as well.  This helps with fine lines and wrinkles too.  

Try out some skin toners, if you don’t have one that you use regularly.  Skin toners help close off the pores and prepare the skin for makeup for your headshot.  You need to have a toner that is right for your skin type and won’t irritate the skin. Closed pores allow the makeup to sit better on the skin for a better overall look.

Makeup for your headshots

Speaking of makeup, when your skin is prepared and ready, apply makeup in natural light.  This isn’t always the routine, however, you want the makeup to be the proper skin tone for your skin.  Be sure that you take care and allow enough time for proper makeup.  While it is recommended that you use a professional makeup artist, some choose to do their own.  This is okay, however, you should take some time and practice before the big day.  Take some photos on your own and see if you like the overall look.  

When you do your make up you are going to want to do a matte finish.  This will keep you from looking sweaty in your headshots.  Also, for eye makeup, you want to stick with matte as well.  You want your makeup to look natural and not stand out in any way.  While you might not normally wear a lot of makeup, your makeup can be done in a very natural-looking way that brings out your best features.  Mascara can be used to draw attention to your eyes.  And, false lashes can be used to add a little something, however, be sure they are natural-looking and not over the top. 

Lips should continue to be matte and natural as well. Having shiny lips can look bad with the flash of a camera.  Don’t try to use bold colors but stick with something natural.  

Remember, keep your makeup simple, and don’t make your headshots look like someone that you are not.  Don’t go over the top if you are a person that normally doesn’t wear makeup.  By keeping it looking like yourself, you will earn the respect of those looking through your headshots.