Why actors need a professional headshot

As an actor you want your headshots to be an extension of you. You want people to look at it and really see who you are.  They should capture your personality and energy.  Casting directors are looking for a certain look and if you have that look, you might land a job.  However, it should capture your essence and show them who you are.  You shouldn’t try to be someone that you are not on the day of a headshot. If you are not a person that wears a lot of makeup normally, then you shouldn’t on the day of your actor headshots either.

You are a one of a kind person that nobody else can be.  This should be portrayed in your headshots too.  It should look professional but not over the top.  When you walk in for an audition, the directors should immediately know that it is you.  So, if you don’t want to put all kinds of effort into your look each and every time that you are called, then you shouldn’t on the day of your headshots either.  Some people like to glam them up, however, if you don’t maintain that look every day, then that’s probably not an accurate representation of you.

As an actor, your name is your brand.  You are your brand and have complete control over how your brand is viewed.  Your headshot is a huge part of this. 

During a headshot photoshoot, you should look as natural as possible.  Your make up shouldn’t be over the top and your hair should be in a very natural way.  Save the makeup and extensions for your modeling portfolio.  You can also have your makeup professionally done for your headshot too.

Teenage actor headshots

Teenage actor headshots are no different.  You want your headshots to look natural.  Also, take into consideration what you are wearing as well.  Ensure that what you are wearing isn’t overpowering and compliments your skin tone. If you aren’t sure what to wear, get some suggestions that would go well with your look and personality type.  Try to stay away from vibrant prints and bold patterns as well as small checker patterns as they can be distracting to your face.  

Bring along a few clothing choices that can be worn throughout the headshot experience.  This will allow you to discuss with the photographer their thoughts and ideas.  After all, they see headshots day in and day out and know what looks best for them.  Leave some of this up to the professionals, including makeup.  Some, however, choose to do their own makeup, which is fine but be sure to practice the look you want ahead of time.  Remember, this is about looking as natural as possible and not glamour shots.  Keep the makeup subtle but bring attention to your favorite features.  While you might like the look of your freckles or fine lines, they will appear more prominent in headshots and should be assisted with makeup applications.  

Whether it is headshots for adults or teens, have some fun with it.  Be yourself in front of the camera and enjoy your photoshoot experience.