You are an ambitious, professional, successful person. You run your own company, you’re the CEO, you’re the boss, and you’re looking out the window of the world. And yet, as you gaze into the horizon, you feel something lacking. You want your image to be polished and perfected. You want your brand to be cohesive. You want your hair to be just right. So, why not take the time to show yourself a little love in the form of professional headshots? Yes, you can do this on your own. But, what was that? You want to look your very best. And so, to continue our quest to help the tired and hungry, we offer you the following tips to take higher-quality headshots.

Why Looking Professional in Business Headshots So Important?

Let’s face it; most businesses are expanding their reach and bringing in more customers. And, what are customers looking for in a company? In short, they’re looking for a professional business image that they can associate with excellence and quality. And being a representative of a company, a department, or a unit, you are a prime example as to how the company is perceived by others. Your business headshot is not about reality; it’s about what others see. Because you are a leader, a person of influence, your appearance must mirror the character of your company.

So, what does this mean for you? It means that you need to project the image you want your company to convey, which is professionalism. Your appearance needs to reflect a certain aura of power, of command. Here are four tips to look good in business headshots:

1. Professional Lighting Is Must

To present your best image, you need to look at every element of the image and ensure that it is doing its job. Professional lighting is fundamental in producing a headshot that is elegant, well lit, and professional. You want your business headshot to look professional, so you need a professional. This means that it should not be taken by a friend or a family member on their phone or an un-professional digital camera. Ask the photographer to bring lighting equipment. This will ensure that you get the right look the first time. You also want to pay attention to how you are lit. Don’t stand under the spotlight. You want your face to be evenly lit, with light only hitting the front of your face and not the sides. You might also want to have assistance with your hair or clothing to ensure that it is draped well and is attractive.

2. Never Get A Haircut Right Before Headshots

Haircuts can make a big difference in how you look in a business headshot. It can either be a learning experience or an unfortunate interruption to your plans. When you get your haircut, you are adjusting the flow of energy around your head and face. So, it’s important that you get a haircut that you plan to keep for a while so that your business headshot will be as gorgeous as you are. If you have recently had a haircut, book your business headshots a few days or weeks from now. If you can’t wait, make sure your hairdresser is familiar with professional headshot photography and can make your new look “picture-worthy.”

3. Layered Clothing for Effect

One of the best ways to look professional in your business headshots is by wearing layered clothing. Layered clothing gives you more options to play with to showcase multiple colors. Take advantage of this to give your business headshot that extra punch… a look that informs your viewers that you are a highly professional, serious, and reliable person.

4. Match It to Your Brand

Do not wear one of your husband’s dress shirts and then pair it with your skinny jeans and fancy heels. You want to dress the part that best matches your brand. As much as possible, wear clothing that reflects your personal brand. You want to look like you have a cohesive core about yourself and your business. This helps viewers associate you with quality, professionalism, and success. Watch your hair, makeup, and accessories. You want to look strong, powerful, and smart. You want to look like you’re in command. This is something that clothing can express.

Final Thoughts

Professionalism is a necessity. Your image can communicate a lot about yourself and your company. In your business headshots, you want to be uniform, consistent, and strong. You want to appear like you’re in control. Follow these