4 Reasons Why an Executive Portrait of a Doctor Is an Absolute Must

Portraits of doctors are not the most sought-after, but medical professionals are completely aware of the importance of getting just the right photo. For doctors, the way they’re depicted during their portrait session will dictate the way their patients perceive them – including how they treat them. To better understand the importance of having an executive portrait, we’ve gone one step farther and listed four excellent reasons why it’s absolutely necessary for doctors to have a portrait taken. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re in your twilight years, having a portrait is a way of creating a better first impression, boosting your brand, and making a statement. But there’s so much more than that!

1. Professional Portrait Means Business

Even the most amateur photographers will be able to take a professional-looking shot, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be a successful portrait. You are the epitome of your brand, and an executive portrait of you will mean high quality. If you’re looking to move into a new office building or start a practice of your own, setting up a photoshoot is sure to be a good way of taking a right first steps. It’ll also show your clients that you mean business and that you believe in quality, which is a great way of winning trust!

2. Improve Your Public Image

Doctors aren’t always seen as more than just a person who rushes through the halls of hospitals these days; lately, they are also seen as role models to many patients who don’t always get the best care. Your practice might be considered the best in your area, but that doesn’t mean you’re automatically considered a good person. People need to know that there’s more to you than just the practice you work for. An executive portrait will put the spotlight on you as a public figure. Talk about your company’s better qualities and show that you are willing to help! You’ll also inspire people to look at you as a role model for your field, and that’s the best thing you can ask for.

3. Let Your Character Be Known

Sometimes you can set yourself up for a stricter persona than actually exists, and that’s the main reason why doctors don’t always want portraits taken. People assume that doctors are serious and old-fashioned and sometimes can feel intimidated by them. By conveying a more relaxed image of yourself, you’ll be showing people that you’re human after all. This is why most doctors have headshots taken; it’s a great way of letting a different side of your character be known. You’re not just an important doctor, but a person with wants and needs. Some people are too afraid to be seen in photos, and that’s pretty sad! It’s only natural to want to portray yourself as the best version of yourself, and only a portrait session can do that.

4. Protection Against Scams

If you want to keep your patients feeling safe with the knowledge that you’ll never pull any scams or shady deals on them, you’ll need one of your patients to be able to identify you. With the number of hospitals getting smaller and smaller, you never know what’s going on behind the scenes. Professional photos will help you add a positive image to your practice and can be helpful from a financial viewpoint. You’ll get more patients and will be able to attract more clients over time, making your portrait an investment in your future.