How to Pick the Right Dating Profile Photo – 5 Important Tips

Dating sites may seem like just another way to find love, but the truth is that they’re also more than that. What started to find a connection quickly developed into the perfect opportunity to meet new people. And with more than 500 million searches worldwide every day, dating sites have had an impact on how people meet and interact with each other. So, with the best intentions at heart, it makes sense that you want your dating profile to be a success. After all, few things are as gratifying as both find someone who likes you and being liked in return! But people are often overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the best dating profile photo. If you’re similarly confused about how to pick the right dating profile photo to reflect your personality, keep reading! We’ll teach you how to pick the right dating profile photo.

5 Important Tips on How to Pick the Right Dating Profile Photo

Having a solid dating profile photo can make your search much easier but finding the right one can prove to be an arduous task. When presented with the opportunity to join a new dating website, it’s all too easy to throw in your photos and let your hair down. But there’s more to selecting a great dating photo than you might think! Enlisted are five tips on how to pick the right dating profile photo for you. 

1. Selfies Often Don’t Work Well

Selfies are the easy alternative to a posed photo, but they aren’t necessarily the answer. If you want to have an effective profile pic that shows others what you look like in person, a selfie is almost certainly the wrong answer. Use a candid pic instead so that you can show how you actually look in person. Selfies can seem too posed by comparison. You might think a selfie is a subtle way to show off your awesomely athletic body or killer eyes. Or you might think a selfie is more flattering than a posed photo. But none of this is likely to be true. After all, most of us are familiar with selfies. They’ve come to symbolize vanity and self-absorption. And these qualities are often negative ones to convey in person. So the chances are that the person who sees your profile picture will get mixed messages that make them question whether they want to talk to you at all, let alone date you!

2. Wardrobe Is Also Important

The wardrobe is also an important consideration in picking the right dating profile photo. Why? Regardless of how attractive you might think you look or how attractive you might think the person you’re trying to attract thinks you look, it’s never a good idea to show a lot of skin. Of course, there may be occasions when dressing this way isn’t a complete turnoff. This is especially true if you’re in high school or college. However, as you learn more about dressing for success in life, you’ll come to find that showing skin isn’t a great idea in most cases. And the reason is that it instantly attracts attention for the wrong reasons. You may look good in person, but when you post a photo of yourself online that highlights your body, you’re effectively telling people that a good part of how you want them to see you is tied into how attractive you are. Who really wants to read something like that? The truth is that physical attraction may be important, but it’s far from the only thing that makes up a successful relationship. So, a pure focus on how attractive you look is a bad idea. Instead, try to strike the right balance between showing people what you look like and displaying what you’ve learned. A casual outfit is usually a better choice than anything that shows skin.

3. There’s More to A Good Photo Than A Smile

While a smile can certainly brighten up a photo and make you seem more approachable, it’s not enough to make for a good dating profile photo! Why? Because the average person is constantly inundated with photos that are meant to get people to like you.

But when they’re used by the million in dating profiles, they quickly become boring. And as a result, people don’t even notice them! So, what do you do? You must be different. Why? Well, a smile is a great first step, but it’s probably not going to do much more than get people’s attention. To really reach potential partners, you’ll have to offer them something they haven’t seen before, and that makes you seem like a unique individual. After all, if they can’t recall what most of your photos look like, you’ll have a better chance at being the one that they contact.

4. Don’t Hide or Distract

You may think that using humor or hiding your face is a surefire way to attract someone’s attention and go viral. But the truth is that it’s not a wise decision. Why? Because you risk completely distracting people from the message that you’re trying to convey. It can also come off as inauthentic. After all, humor isn’t always a great way to add personality to a photo. Sure, it can be helpful when used sparingly, but being overly funny can seem inauthentic. So, if you don’t have a natural sense of humor, don’t try to add it to a photo that takes place in a location that isn’t funny. If your photo is too funny, you may end up adding an irrelevant message that gets in the way of the idea you’re trying to convey. If you’re in a serious setting that doesn’t lend itself to humor, don’t make it funny. Even if you get some positive attention, it won’t last. And being funny won’t in and of itself make someone want to date you.

5. Good Head Shots Are Important

The key to picking the right dating profile photo is to realize that the image you choose matters. After all, it’s your way of illustrating yourself to others. So, when choosing a photo, it’s important to think about why you’re doing it. You can easily make the mistake of selecting an image that you think looks good without really understanding why you’re doing so. Focusing on the wrong thing can easily cause you to select a poor profile picture that has limited effect. So, when you place emphasis on what you look like, you’re missing out on an opportunity to demonstrate how charming, friendly, and interesting you are in other ways. For example, if you take a big, smile-filled photo that is primarily about you, your audience will have a hard time focusing on who you are as a person. Instead, you should focus on looking good in a good context. And the context you choose should be relevant to your interests. If you’re an outdoorsy person, why not choose an image of your favorite outdoor locations? If you’re the type of person who loves to read, why not choose a photo of yourself at a bookstore? Not only will you look good in a photo of your interests, but you’ll also be showing off what you love to others who like those same things. This secondary message can be much more compelling than trying to look good directly.