5 Reasons Why Every Lawyer Need a Professional Headshot

A headshot is one of the most important and vital pieces of your arsenal for connecting with potential clients. Gone are the days of meeting with people without first having a professional photo to represent you. In the current landscape, a headshot is a go-to-meeting strategy. After all, it’s the first line of defense to show potential clients that you are the real thing.

In the legal world, headshots are indispensable – especially for lawyers. In fact, it’s one of the key elements for creating a professional brand. Still, wondering why?

Here are five reasons why every lawyer needs professional headshots.

1. Convey Professionalism and Integrity to Potential Clients

Potential clients will judge you by how you look – because they have to. In their eyes, every detail of your appearance and attire tells another story about you. That means that you have to have an image that commands trust and unquestionable professionalism. After all, that’s what your headshots will be representing – your entire brand and image!

2. Easy and Quick Way to Communicate to Business Prospects

Headshots give you the upper hand when you want to introduce yourself and your services to business prospects. Upon first impressions, a potential client will tag you as either pleasant or not, trustworthy or not, and competent or not, based on your headshots. That’s why it’s just as important to have a professional and intriguing headshot to communicate your brand as it is to have a memorable name for your firm.

3. Remind Others Who You Are

Headshots can dissipate the foggy notion of who you are. It’s easy for people to remember you as the person with the pinky ring, or with the bird tattoo, or with the glasses. But how many people can recall the name of the person who they foolishly met just days before? Inconsistencies in your image will make it confusing for people to remember you. That’s why you need a headshot that stays consistent through every scenario.

4. Persuade Clients to Hire You

The way you look, and dress can be the deciding factor in whether or not someone hires you. Before they ever stick their neck on the chopping block, people want to see you in action and get to know you. An essential part of the equation is your headshot. Potential clients want to know who is going to represent them, whether you have a sense of humor, and how you look. In other words, whether or not you look trustworthy. Therefore, your headshots are a crucial component of building clientele.

5. Differentiate Yourself from The Crowd

With a professional headshot, you’ll be seen in your best light. People want to do business with the top of the pack, and they do everything they can to attain that level of success. If you look like you’re not a competitor, you’re not worth competing with. Put another way; you need to be the top-of-the-pack guy in order to make a point of differentiation.

Regardless of what profession you’re in, headshots are an awesome business tool. If you want to see what your headshots say about you, remember you’ve got to make a personal connection with your own image. Though you’re not really a model, you are your main brand ambassador, and that’s reason enough to get professional headshots. Imagine having a business card that not only looks like you but sends a message that’s clear and distinct. That’s what your headshot can do for you. Nothing else can effectively send out that winning message.