Staying Ahead of Competition with Corporate Headshots

You might be thinking: how do corporate headshots get me more deals? How does it attract customers and rare talent to my business? More importantly, why should you get one?

Why Corporate Headshots Work

We live in a visual world, where images are around us nonstop. From the streets to your smartphones to even the products you consume: you’d find pictures everywhere.

What better way to spur your brand into the spotlight than to key into modern reality?

Pictures indeed tell a thousand stories. You might not be listening, but your audience is. They interpret your photographs as your core values. How?

A prospective employee wants to know how you treat your current employees. Are they happy? How do they appear? Is there a work-life balance? What’s your brand culture?

On the other hand, customers want to gain first-hand knowledge of your human relationships. If you can’t paint your employees in the best light, how can you help them?

For that reason, you need a corporate headshot not only for you but your group as a whole: a professional headshot that summarizes your brand story and complements your about page.

On LinkedIn, people with a corporate headshot get 14x more engagement than others without one. Whom would you choose to lead your legal battles? James Ross in tees and baseball cap or James Ross in a suit and a smile?

Mind you, going all-suit might not work at all times. Your business might be different and require a more creative or casual look. That is why professional photographers can help consult with the appropriate look for your company’s needs.

Now that you know why headshots work. Let’s see the benefits you’d get when you get one.

3 Benefits of Getting a Professional Headshot for Your Organization

Creates a Lasting Impression

The first thing a visitor notices about your website is the pictures. They will read the copy later.

As such, you’d like to hook their attention as soon as possible. That is what expert-taken headshots do. They bring your employees together and show how you value the appearance and professionalism of your employees. 

Enhances Your Brand Image and Employer Branding

You would like to evoke trust and credibility with your customers and future employees. Pictures from Shutterstock or other image archive sites will hurt your chances!

Instead, let professional headshots show your real employee at work.

You create a human touch to your business. Furthermore, you show that you are professional and serious about what you do. Such an act will then attract the right talent pool and customers to you.

Fosters Productivity

When you get your employees working together to show them in the best light, they feel happy and proud to be part of the team. Say you were an employee; imagine having your face across your employer’s website. Won’t you be happy?

Such happiness will make the employees work even more effectively towards your goals. Enhanced productivity then ultimately yields more revenue and productivity for your business.

A win for everyone, don’t you agree?