You are probably asking yourself, why would anyone even need a professional headshot? Its 2020 and EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE carries a camera with them everywhere they go these days. You can very easily whip out your smartphone, swipe to your favorite camera app and voila, you have yourself a shiny new headshot, but is this the thing you should be doing? I believe there are a few good reasons why you should hire a professional headshot specialist for your next updated headshot. Why?

Everyone has an online presence

It’s 2020, everyone has an online presence either on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or almost any other social media place you can think of. This makes the need for a strong headshot almost imperative for professionals and job seekers. It is simply too easy for anyone to search for your name and find out a ton about you. If your profile photos are a professional headshot then the HR manager who is looking to fill that next position will notice you straight away in a sea of selfies.

Stand Out

A first impression is impossible to get back and a lot of times you are not even aware that you have already made that first impression before you meet people in real life. Our online presence is the real deal. You need to go into interviews and business meetings with your best foot forward. The last thing you need is the client or hiring manager’s first impression of you to be the unprofessional type who likes to party. This could lead them to a ton of untrue pre-conceived notions about you. A professional headshot will not only show that you are trustworthy, but it will show these people that you take your career seriously and that you mean business, that’s what they are looking for.

Earn Credibility

New Clients are always looking for someone they can trust. People do not want to do business with untrustworthy or shady people. A professional headshot gains you instant credibility. It shows potential clients that they can trust you to work professionally and that you can be taken seriously because you take yourself and your career seriously.


Is it time to update your headshot?