5 Reasons Why a Professional Headshot is a Must for All Realtors

Real estate is a competitive industry with a wide range of personality types. From developers and builders to agents and brokers, it’s easy for your personality to overshadow your professionalism. However, there is one simple way to make sure your professionalism always shines through – your headshot. Displayed on your website, your portfolio, and social media profiles, a professional headshot provides potential clients with insight into your personality. It also displays your professionalism, stating that you are the real deal. No, you don’t have to be Hollywood material to have the most perfect headshot, but you do need a photographer who understands your needs and can create something that suits your personality. Here are five reasons why your next headshot is a must for all realtors:

1. You Look Someone Your Clients Can Trust

One of the most important factors for clients is having a realtor they can trust. Regardless of the property, you are selling, or the multitude of people involved in the transaction, it all begins with the person who is handling it. Your clients need to trust you, and you need to be that person. Displaying a headshot that portrays your personality and looks trustworthy connects you with your clients.

2. You Look Someone Your Clients Can Relate To

Since you are a realtor, it is likely that your clients are looking for a realtor who looks like them, someone they can relate to. While personality is important, it’s just as important for clients to be able to relate to you. Being relatable gives your clients a sense of comfort that you are a realtor who understands what they are going through.

3. You Are Someone That Your Competitors Can’t Pull Off

A headshot is a quick way to tell the clients you are legitimate and not a hacky actor posing as a realtor. Clients are more likely to pick you over your competition since you are not pretending to be something you aren’t. Instead, you show clients you can relate to them and actually care about the job. Clients will also appreciate that you have gone the extra mile to ensure your image portrays your professionalism.

4. You Will Get More Business

This is the most obvious reason that you need a headshot for all realtors. You need business, and a good headshot is a great way to get it. With real estate being known for having a high turnover, it is important to keep your image updated and fresh. Whether you are getting new headshots for your website or a realtor marketing packet, you will get more business by having a great-looking headshot.

5. Opportunity to Show Off Your Recent Work

The real estate headshot can be used as a form of promotion but can also be a form of bragging. This is a chance to show clients you have been busy or that you are prepared for the upcoming season. Don’t hesitate to use this marketing opportunity and update your headshots to include a listing you’ve had in the past month or a new building you’ve helped renovate.

A great headshot can be the difference between landing a listing or not. While every realtor’s headshot will look different, you must always ensure that your personality shines through. A great headshot can help you display your professionalism and personality, giving you the edge in a competitive industry.